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Marsden Recovery Specialists:

  • will provide a complete environmental hazardous waste audit trail
  • is a licensed waste carrier
  • is a holder of the Forecourt Safety Passport
  • hold ADR (Dangerous Goods) Certification
  • has approved and safety compliant equipment
  • can advise if dealership diagnostics is the best option
  • can offer full recovery service
  • employ fully trained mechanics who are constantly kept up to date with new vehicle models.

Case study: Misfueling

Petrol in diesel is the most common misfuel.  It is very easy to make this mistake and around 400 people do this every day in the UK. 

If you have done this and have started the vehicle you will begin to misfire.  Eventually you will cut out, rendering you stuck usually at a traffic light or a roundabout a few miles away from the petrol station you filled up at. 

Diesel in petrol is a very rare occurrence. The filler neck hole on an unleaded petrol car is much smaller than a diesel one. This makes it much harder, but not impossible, to put a diesel nozzle in a petrol filler neck; if you have managed to do this it is definitely better not to start the car because the diesel will be injected into your engine as a wet liquid and will wet your spark plugs rendering them unable to spark. This happens very quickly; potentially you will not make it off the petrol station forecourt before it cuts out.